Empowered Pack of Wolves

In Challenge We Meet

Although most wellness experts agree that productivity is affected by the health of employees, most of their solutions to improve wellness continue to be disconnected from the cultural language of organizations, and are mostly focused on external factors such as incentives to improve lifestyles. Health management models fail to provide a methodology that can maximize collaborative wellness in the process of reaching productivity objectives.


The Empowerment Code offers a unique organizational language of wellness and productivity. In our model, wellness (mental, physical, and spiritual health) and productivity (parsimonious function) are viewed as an inseparable unfolding process. Strategies to address business goals and challenges are navigated focusing on three interrelated variables: effectiveness, efficiency, and wellness. Our Empowerment program is the first, worldwide, to apply combined principles of cultural neuroscience, cultural psychoneuroimmunology, and cultural anthropology to business organizations.


Drawing from these evidence-based disciplines, we developed a strategy to evaluate how the language of a corporate culture affects initiative, creativity, and health. Rather than viewing wellness and productivity as separate components externally controlled by incentives, we address them as an inseparable fabric internally controlled by the values communicated within an organizational culture.

Cultural Leaders

Hybrid Leadership

A key component of Empowerment Code is a new leadership paradigm in which our team mentors your top executives to embrace the strengths of their organizational culture while enhancing it further with functional principles of the immune system.

Knowledge is Power

Workshops & Lectures

Before your team engages in the full Empowerment Code consultancy, our team offers workshops and lectures as a precursor and preview to the transformational process on which your organization will soon embark.

Customized Consultancy

In an Empowerment Code consultancy, your organization will shift into a new consciousness of productivity and wellness beginning with executive leadership and adopted throughout the company by downward infusion.