Navigating Change Through Transformation

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The Empowerment Code program offers a simple and effective model to teach organizations how to maximize productivity and employee wellness. Coauthoring empowerment with our clients is our mission and our passion. We carefully evaluate the organizational language and the inherent wisdom of its culture, and then decide jointly on the best interventions to produce the desired short and long-term results. We resolve causes rather than address symptoms. Consequently, we mentor a path to empowerment that serves organizational aspirations and individual greatness.

In our initial assessment, we evaluate three Cultural Language Portals for degrees of empowerment in the mandates and functional expectations of an organization:

  • Executive Portal - Policy Makers

  • Manager Portal - Policy Implementers

  • Employee Portal - Policy Recipients

We approach targeted objectives with our proprietary strategy of downward sequence development, or downward infusion, to ensure that empowering mandates and directives are communicated fluently, from policy makers to policy recipients, via the existing Authority Pathways of an organization.

We also evaluate the business paradigm (implicit mission and vision) for receptiveness to meritorious innovation proposals within the organization and for adaptability to rapid market changes. We apply principles of the decentralized and fluidly bidirectional language of immune system cells to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and wellness during chaotic conditions.

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